The Beacon 2014-17

The Beacon is KAUST’s official campus newspaper. Each month a new issue is released highlighting the latest events, research and news around the campus and within the KAUST community

“We are striving to create a publication that is easy to read and exciting to pass along to colleagues, which we believe will make the content more impactful.”


Oct 2014 – Dec 2017


The editorial team felt that the previous design was aesthetically dated, that the layout was crowded and that the user experience was poor.


• Clean, image-free masthead
• Easy-to-read English and Arabic fonts
• Consolidated photo captions and simplified header/footer
• More restrained use of color for more effective emphasis

To address these issues a layout with white space has been chosen which makes the text more inviting to read and gives the images more significant impact.

Special “One Color Issue”

The Beacon Team

Managing Editors: Michelle D’Antoni, Salah Sindi
Editor: Nicholas Demille
Writers: Caitlin Clark, David Murphy, Michelle Ponto, Meres Weche
Translation: Adel Alrefaie


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