A decade of bringing ideas to life!

Selected projects from 2010-2020

In my 10+ years of journey at KAUST, I had the opportunity to work on different projects such as: 

Update the KAUST branding strategy
Enhance the University logo
Annual visual identities
Official publications
Annual reports
High-level publications
Promotional items
Giftshop identity and merchandise
High delegates gifts
Employees’ anniversaries branding & awards
The fifth-anniversary identity

+15 talented designers

KAUST’s motto, “Through inspiration, discovery,” was the inspiration to drive the Design Team, an in-house multinational design unit I led and helped create to oversee all of KAUST’s branding & marketing projects.

More than 15 talented designers (from Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, Germany, South Africa, Lebanon, United States, Jorden, Egypt, and France) have collaborated to create KAUST’s brand, to stand out with its unique & creative identity in the first decade of existence.

Branding McLaren's cars!

I had the opportunity and pleasure to work with KAUST’s senior leadership, Prof. Mani Sarathy, and the McLaren team to develop a new version of the KAUST logo, the Market-face logo, specifically for the McLaren car!

The new market-face logo later has been used on several occasions, and now it’s part of the logo variations.

photo credits: @mclarenf1

KAUST 2015-2022 Brand Guidelines

Cultural Heritage Identity

The Series of Lectures about Cultural Heritage focuses on the archaeology of Saudi Arabia.

Limited-edition T-Shirts

Artworks were created to reflect the local culture with custom-made calligraphy and KAUST’s Beacon. 

Using the university’s calligraphy, Through Inspiration, Discovery, for the KAUST community and students. And another version for the international visitors with a calligraphy that’s says Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

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