Elevating homestyle cooking to a global movement, creating a future where healthy living is a choice accessible to all.

Inspired by the deep bond of three siblings, Banosh Kitchen was born.

Banosh's story is one of familial bond and culinary passion. It began with a caring sister determined to ensure her G6PD-afflicted brother never felt deprived of delicious food. Joined by another sister, a nutrition doctor, they embarked on a culinary journey, crafting dishes that met his dietary needs without compromising on taste.

service: Tagline, brand identity design, visual communication, art direction

Art Direction

Introducing our prime audience—the Wellness Enthusiasts.

the target audience

These vibrant, health-savvy individuals, primarily female but inclusive of both genders, are aged 20 to 45 and enjoy a middle to high-income lifestyle. They firmly believe in the power of a balanced diet and prioritize organic, natural products. With an active lifestyle and a strong interest in the latest diet trends and healthy recipes, they value quality, variety, and the convenience of food products that align with their wellness-focused approach to life.

The Approach

This identity will serve as a vibrant representation of enthusiasm, ambition, wellness, and a passion for living life to the fullest.

A dynamic visual language that embodies the essence of an active and health-conscious way of life. Identity system that is versatile, adaptable to various platforms, and inspire a sense of freshness and vitality. A dynamic logo that is easy to adopt/implement on any sub-brands in the future or any visual change.

The tone and style will be vibrant, energetic, and aspirational. The visuals will be inviting and inspiring, encouraging viewers to embrace an active lifestyle. Selected fonts that are modern, legible, and adaptable to enhance the identity's dynamism. A carefully curated palette of colors that reflect freshness, vitality, and health to evoke positive emotions in the audience.