KAUST’s Mobile Expo

Envisioning KAUST: A Showcase for High-Level Delegates

Navigating the task of unveiling KAUST's rich tapestry of research and startup endeavors to a wide array of esteemed delegates became a catalyst for innovation.

service: brand identity design, visual communication, art direction

My vision materialized into an immersive journey reminiscent of museum exhibits, employing adaptable, mobile stands designed to embrace diverse content. Imbued with sleek, futuristic artworks, these displays seamlessly meld with varied research domains, cultivating inspiration and etching indelible impressions upon our audiences.

Statistical Snapshot:
Project Highlights

Talented Designers
Branded Stands
38 +
On-Campus Exhibitions
10 +
Off-Campus Exhibitions
0 +
Design Artworks
151 +
Goal Achieved

Innovative Showcase: KAUST's Dynamic Engagement

The Challenge

Showcasing KAUST's extensive research, achievements, and startups to diverse high-level delegates across on and off-campus locations posed a formidable task.

The Solution

I conceived a dynamic solution centered around creating an impactful experience resembling museum-like stands. These moveable installations, adorned with sleek, futuristic artworks, seamlessly adapt to various research topics and areas. Their versatility effortlessly engages and inspires our audience while showcasing KAUST's innovation in a modern and captivating manner.

Hazim is always full of ideas and constantly looking for new innovative designs. His knowledge in this area allows him to work with clients in different areas -- and find ways to design creative graphics, brochures, signage and other items that not only make them happy, but showcase them in a professional way. He's extremely flexible and truly listens to what people want.

–Michelle Ponto
Director of Marketing & Communications, KAUST