The Challenge

To showcase a wide range of KAUST’s research, achievements, and startups for high delegates in different areas on and off-campus.

The Solution

To create an experience that has an impact and can inspire the audience through museum-like stands that are moveable and can fit any content with sleek, modern, and futuristic artworks that are easy to be implemented to different topics and research areas.

“It was an honor working with Hazim on the High Delegates Expo. With this project, the timeline was extremely short and the number of components – from the expo display to the external promotion to the gift items – were numerous.

The client also had a specific request in that the expo had to be modular and reusable, plus the size of the items on display ranged from a 25-foot whale shark model and large drones to plants and tiny fragile solar and sensor prototypes.

Creating displays to showcase them in the best way while maintaining a consistent look would be a challenge for most designers, but Hazim was able to turn a rough vision into something that was better than I could have imagined. He thought of every detail and was flexible with last-minute additions and changes. This project would not have been a success without him.”

Michelle Ponto, Communication Director & Project manager




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Thank you to all the team members who made this project successful & effective!


Disclaimer: This presentation’s purpose is to showcase the design and identity work part of the project only. If you are interested in any research area, please visit for more information.



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