Science Festival

Three thrilling days packed with everything science could offer!

The first KAUST Science Festival on the Thuwal Corniche. A unique experiance, KAUST’s scientists, researchers and the people of KAUST came together with the Thuwal and Jeddah communities to explore, innovate and celebrate all things science, in a Science Festival that was the first of its kind.

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Logo and Identity Concept

Aiming to inspire curiosity and ignite a passion for science among participants of all ages

The logo for the Science Festival draws inspiration from KAUST's seeds, embodying the essence of potential and growth. Each seed outline within the logo represents a distinct pathway or activity offered during the festival. The intricate lines extending from these seeds symbolize the sparks of curiosity, innovation, and discovery that ignite during the festival's various scientific engagements.

7000+ visitors

three days of vibrant and diverse activities

People of all ages enjoyed three days of vibrant and diverse activities including a variety of science exhibits, daily evening science shows, 8 inspiring talks from our faculty members, STEAM Challenges for kids, and science projects that were on display from The KAUST School's students. KAUST start-up Noor DX also offered 200 PCR tests during the festival to showcase their work.

"We would like to extend our appreciation for the amazing work, of marketing artwork and design, done by you.... Your diligence, professionalism as well as dedication to make this a successful, terrific and unforgettable event and to help us achieve the best possible results is really admirable."

–Maha A. Aldubayan
Director, Social Responsibility