Six Dots Coffee

Brewing Identity & Logo Concepts for a Joyful Coffee Experience

Six Dots Coffee created a space between the coffee shops in the same neighborhood with only two employees and a humble set of equipment. Today, the name of Six Dots Coffee is shining out in Makkah & Jeddah with more than three premium locations and excellent reputation.

service: brand identity design, visual communication, art direction

Cup of Served Coffee
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Logo and Identity Concept

To serve a great cup of coffee that brings a smile and joy in every sip you take.

In designing the logo and identity for 'Six Dots Coffee,' the aim was to embody joy in every sip of their remarkable brew. I opted for a minimal yet dynamic approach, ingeniously intertwining the numeral '6' with a warm, inviting smile. This fusion symbolizes their ethos — delivering not just a cup of coffee but an experience that elicits smiles and joy with each indulgent sip.