Space2101 at KAUST Brand identity

The What

Space 2101 is a five-day STEM & Space adventure where students work in teams to design sustainable habitats suitable for use in space or on any other planet.

The who

Saudi school students aged 12 to 15

The why

inspiring the scientists of tomorrow to 
re-imagine and re-engineer 
the future ​

The concept

Using a logo with 
the Arabic name in the event identity to highlight and capitalize on the fact that this is the first time SPACE2101 will take place in the Middle East.

A dynamic identity and key visuals serve the event objectives and create an impact that will ensure a fun and exciting experience for the young Saudi scientist and future astronaut.

my role involved

  • Art Direction and branding strategy 
  • Keynote and pitch designs for partners and service providers 
  • Consultation with vendors
  • Logo design 
  • Dynamic key visual and identity
  • Landing page & digital designs 
  • Outdoor and indoor banners
  • Lamp posts
  • See Thru Window stickers
  • Gift items (tote bag, water bottle, stickers, car bumper sticker, t-shirts)
  • Posters 
  • Directional and way finding designs