Nurturing Excellence in the KAUST-Misk College Prep Journey

This 2-year program helps ambitious, high-performing 10th grade students gain a place at a prestigious top-20 US/UK university. The program supports students though one-to-one mentoring to develop their academic approach, and interview technique, while providing character-building activities, such as Harvard summer program and Sandhurst boot-camp, to turn exceptional students highly-desirable candidates.

service: brand identity design, visual communication, art direction

Logo and Identity Concept

Capturing growth and dynamism through fluid, evolving designs!

The brand identity for the KAUST-Misk Summer School Program captures growth and dynamism through fluid, evolving designs. It uses vibrant colors and open compositions to symbolize personal development within a larger narrative, highlighting the program's focus on academic excellence and character building for top-tier university placement.

"Hazim excels at blending impactful design with top-notch project management and communication skills. He expertly captures program goals, aligning them with corporate strategies."

–Sarah V. Smith
Associate Director, KAUST Gifted Students Program